Major League Baseball Office May Announce Opening Day On July 1

Multiple rumors have sounded about the start of the 2020 MLB campaign despite the Covid-19.

According to sources, MLB could start Spring Training again on June 10, taking into account the provisions that would have to be met to avoid Covid-19.

Likewise, he reports that the Major League Baseball office has a tentative date of July 1, a few weeks after the players get into rhythm with the Big Show spring training.


In addition, each team would play in their official stadiums and an alternate venue that has been talked about so much in recent days would not be used.

However, they are only rumors, there is still no official date.

Want some good baseball news ??

I just heard from multiple sources that on June 10th, Spring Training 2 will start. July 1st will be Opening Day and all teams will be playing at their home ballparks.

We’ll be discussing it in full on the next @TalkinBaseball_

– Trevor Plouffe (@trevorplouffe) May 4, 2020



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