Malena Costa Runs Backwards To Burn 30% More Calories

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If you are looking for a complete series of cardio, strength and endurance exercises you have to see until the end the table that Malena Costa performs under Miguel Lordán, his coach. Because in addition, the last exercise carried out by the model has called our attention especially, because it is an alternative way to use one of the most classic machines in the gym – or I may even have one at home.

Malena CostaSprint exercise chart on the bosu. This accessory will be your best friend for training buttocks and legs.



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Rowing in suspension with TRX.


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Ripple with ropes combined with squats. Kneeling medicine ball throwing.


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Iron Squats on Waff. You still don't know this method? We test it in first person and tell you about the experience here. Sled drag. A very Crosffitero exercise. Squat with jump on surfboard. Squat on waff with dumbbell. Drawstrings in balance with ropes. Running on tape backwards. If you read correctly, go back!
Benefits of running backwards

This exercise with which you finish your training session Malena Costa is an alternative to the most common use of the tape. Why do it like this? Running backwards implies up to 30% more energy expenditure, explains Diego Polino, the main reference for 'retrorunning'. Because yes, there are people who have even run back their usual way of doing this 'running' and have even participated in the New York Marathon. Diego Polino, in statements to Runner's World, has explained all the benefits of 'retrorunning' in addition to "moving forward in life without seeing obstacles": he says that the knees suffer less and that since he has practiced he has not been injured. Also his muscles are less punished and he manages to recover before the races than the rest of his friends.

Tip: as Malena Costa does in the video, stay well attached to the arms of the tape to avoid falls.