Mallorca And Cadiz Are Saved And Relegate Granada

Madrid (AP) —Mallorca defeated Osasuna 2-0 on Sunday and Cadiz defeated Arabes 1-0 as they confirmed their permanence in the first part of the Spanish league. Granada ended as the final demotion after drawing 0-0 against Espanyol.

Mallorca, directed by Mexican coach Javier Aguirre, finished in 16th place with 39 points scored by Angel Rodriguez and Clément Grenier in the 47th and 83rd minutes, respectively. Championship.


Aguile celebrated his victory in the field of the Kingdom of Navarre, starting his adventure as a coach in Europe 20 years ago and in 2002 with Osasuna.

In his ninth game on the Balearic team, a Mexican strategist achieved his salvation goal a few years ago after he couldn’t take over the Leganes bench that sank on the final day.

“We are suffering, we are suffering a lot. Osasuna gives nothing. I know most of the time I was born as a coach here,” Aguile commented. did. “I had a lot of suffering in the first half. I got 0-0. I don’t know how, but it worked in the second half. We treated the ball more boldly and the second goal was to us. It gave me complete calm. “


The position of the table is defined

Villarreal won 2-0 as a visitor to Barcelona and won the final pass of the European tournament. This is defined in the ticket for the Conference Europa League. Atletico de Madrid defeat the Real 2-1 Society to finish in 3rd place.

Alfonso Pedrasa (41′) and Moigomez (55′) scored a goal at Camp Nou, and Villarreal (the semi-finalist of this year’s Champions League) finished the course with 59 units, finishing 7th and passing the conference league. I won the championship at Barca’s house for the first time in 10 years.

Barcelona have already taken second place with 73 points since the last final, 13 points behind champion Real Madrid (86).

Argentina’s Rodrigo de Paul (50′) and Angel Correa (68′) celebrated the goal of the mattress team. The mattress team finishes third in the championship at 71 after winning the title of the previous tournament.

Jon Guridi saved for the txuriurdin team in the third minute of Real Sociedad’s replacement with a header that finished sixth with 62 units and a pass to the Europa League.

As another result, Sevilla finished fourth in the table with 70 units after defeating Athletic Bilbao 1-0. With the goal of Rafamir (68′), he was unable to participate in the European tournament for the fifth consecutive year, and 55 cars.


Cadiz is preserved.Grenada descends

Cádiz remains in the first division even after being given the required combination of results.

Honduras striker Anthony Lozano scored a goal in the 76th minute. In the final stretch, referee Jose Maria Sanchez Martinez repeatedly relied on to analyze possible penalties from Alfonso Espino, but did not point out that, so they were lucky, so they called themselves. The victory needed to save has won.

“I can only say thank God for this wonderful opportunity. It cost us a lot. Today is a celebration day, but the team showed that they didn’t stop fighting. “Rosano said.

The Cadiz team finished the course in 17th place with 39 units.

Granada cannot add points to stay in the category and will join Levante and Arabes as delegated.

Jorge Molina abandoned the chance to win by missing Grenada’s penalty in the 72nd minute. They were 18th in 38 units.

“No one expected this after the last few games when the team was doing well. It was a blow,” said Captain Victor Diaz. “I had the opportunity to win at home here, but I couldn’t.”


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