Malta Morena Soccer Cup Semifinals

Collegio Connexus, Collegio Bautista Cristiano, Carol Morgan and ABC School have advanced to the semi-finals of the Malta Morena Soccer Cup at the Kiskeya Juan Marical Stadium.

Colegio Conexus advanced to the semi-finals, beating Colegio La Salle 3-0 with goals from scoring Elian Estrella (7′), Ricardo Mancebo (20′) and Ernesto HenrĂ­quez (32′).

Colegio Bautista Cristiano beat San Judas Tadeo 4-3 in a Thiago Prado hat-trick.


Prado’s goals were 10 minutes, 34 and 48, the latter defining the match. Sanjudasta de Victor Cardona (4′) started scoring, followed by Airam Rodriguez (11′), followed by Alvaro Cabrera (45′). Thailand.

Outline of the action of the match between Carol Morgan and St. Michael (external source) Carol Morgan defeats St. Michael

Carol Morgan School beat St. Michael’s School 3-0 in the semifinals with goals from Mauro Marangini (17′), Alejandro Rosa (32′) and Ricardo Ross (40′). Was raised.

In the final match of the day, ABC School defeated Babec with a score of 1-0 to maintain its final spot in the men’s brunch semifinals of the event.

Alvaro Morales (22′) scored the only goal of the match, giving his team a pass to the semi-finals of the event.

Semifinal match

The semi-finals will begin this Sunday at 9am and will feature a match between St. Joseph and Lux ​​Mundy at the Women’s Chapter.

At 11:00 am, the first men’s semi-final will take place between Connexus and Bautista Cristiano.

St. George and Carol Morgan meet at 2:00 pm in the second Women’s Semifinal, while ABC and Carol Morgan conclude the day with the second Men’s Semifinal.

The Malta Morena Soccer Cup is a men’s branch for young people born between 2006 and 2008 and a women’s branch for girls born between 2004 and 2008, held in this edition in 11 to 11 basic format under FIFA. It is an invitation event that has been held. Rule.

Given the inability to hold an event due to a pandemic, the age range has been expanded to ensure that young people do not miss the opportunity to live the unique experience offered by the competition.

This year’s champions of each branch will live the sports, education and social experience of travel, in addition to receiving trophies that certify them as winners of the facility’s events, and medals for athletes and coaches registered for the event. Heading to Madrid, Spain, he did a series of activities related to the field of football. Some of them may witness a “Liga” match or play a friendly match with a team in a lower category of ProClub in both branches. Las Rosas, the training center for the Spanish soccer team.

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