Man Confesses To Having Dismembered His Wife And Thrown The Remains In a Sewer

Splattered with blood and with a bandage on his head, Francisco Robledo, 46, confessed that he dismembered his partner and got rid of her by throwing some parts of his body into the toilet and the public drain.

Ingrid de Escamilla Vargas, 25, was brutally murdered on Saturday night, in the kitchen of the house where she lived with her husband in Mexico, reported the news program ‘Al Rojo Vivo’ that is broadcast on Telemundo.


“He got angry because I was drinking alcohol, she attacked me first with the knife, but I took it apart and buried it in his neck,” he said.

Actress Lía Ferre, friend of the victim in the midst of her dismay at the heinous act, said that these actions cannot continue. “We are losing this country and every day there are thousands of lives that are also lost,” he said.

According to the police in charge of the investigation, the crime was witnessed by the son of the murderer, a 15-year-old autistic young man.

After what happened Francisco Robledo called the mother of the child to go to pick him up at home and confessed what he had done. After this the woman reported to the authorities, who the next day arrested her ex-husband with the knife in his hand and bloodied.

The prosecution will seek that the murderer confessed, reach the maximum penalty, said the aforementioned medium.