Man Dies As a Result Of H1N1 Influenza In San Salvador | El Salvador News

According to information from the attending physician, the man died in a private hospital in San Salvador.

A 55-year-old man died of H1N1, said Iván Solano, a treating infectious doctor.

Dr. Iván Solano said that the man died in a private hospital, in San Salvador, because of pneumonia due to H1N1 influenza. According to the doctor, who was part of the deceased person's treatment team, he had the corresponding exams and was positive for H1N1 influenza.


"The person died as a result because H1N1, influenza flu can be complicated with pneumonia, because the virus destroys the pulmonary epithelium and allows bacteria to become infected and get in, and that is where bacterial infections come and this leads to the person to death, ”explained Dr. Leiva.

“Bacterial infections lead the person to death, it is called pneumonitis and it carries a problem called adult respiratory syndrome, which alters lung function and that is what a person ends up carrying, but what caused that was a influenza flu, ”said the doctor.

The doctor showed his concern due to the epidemic of respiratory infections in the country and that an alert has not been issued for the increase in diseases.

“Where we do have an epidemic and that is in an upward trend is in respiratory diseases. Here, a call to the Ministry of Health to recognize the epidemic and obtain funds to stop it, ”said Iván Solano in an interview.

For his part, Dr. Milton Brizuela, of the Medical College also showed concern about the rise in respiratory infections, "we are in an epidemic with respiratory diseases and there is no declaration of an epidemic yet, which is not good," he said.

Health registered 49,064 new cases of acute respiratory infections, within a week, taking the attention to “epidemic zone”, according to the data of the Epidemiological bulletin 41, of the Ministry of Health, published yesterday.

There is currently an accumulated from January to October of 1,548,261 people who have consulted the Health system for respiratory diseases.

"The influenza virus circulates throughout the year in the country, but has its peaks in April, October, November, December," said Iván Solano Leiva.

According to the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), influenza A (H1N1) virus circulates in El Salvador, which is characterized by high fever, muscle aches, headache, dry cough, sore throat, rhinitis and occasionally It can affect the lungs.

The Health Epidemiological Report reports that 79 cases of H1N1 influenza were recorded. In addition, it states that respiratory syncytial viruses and influenza A and B circulate.

While the Medical College and the infectologist, Iván Solano Leiva confirm the epidemic of respiratory infections, based on the data reported in the Epidemiological bulletin of week 41, the Minister of Health, Ana Orellana Bendek states that the disease is in the area of alert and that these are going down.

"We are not facing an epidemic (respiratory infections) but in an alert situation," confirmed the official.