Man disguised as a bison during the insurrection in the Capitol expresses regret

Man Disguised As a Bison During The Insurrection In The Capitol Expresses Regret

Phoenix – A man who participated in the assault on the Capitol with a painted face, a horned helmet and no shirt, has expressed regret for his involvement in the violence and disillusionment with former President Donald Trump.

Jacob Chansley, a native of Arizona, says he has reflected on his life in the time he has been in jail and that he now accepts that he should not have participated in the attack on the legislative palace.

In a statement released Monday night by his lawyer, Chansley, who previously said he was inspired by Trump in deciding to go to Washington on January 6, now says that the former president “disappointed a lot of peaceful people.”


Chansley assured that he is examining his conscience around the events that led to the riot and asked citizens “be patient with me and with other peaceful people like me who are having difficulties finding out what happened to us, what happened around us, what we did. We are good people who have great appreciation for our country ”.

Attorney Al Watkins released the statement a few hours before the second trial of Trump began in the Senate, accused of having instigated the assault on the Capitol.

Watkins, who asked but failed to get Trump to pardon Chansley before leaving the presidency, reported that the Senate rejected his offer to bring his client to testify before lawmakers about how he was incited by the ex-president.

The lawyer insisted that the statement is not a gimmick but an expression of genuine regret. Still, he maintained that he does not believe that a government should prosecute people who were incited by senior officials.

“If you believe that the government is right to prosecute (Trump), you cannot at the same time consider criminals those who were incited, because the incited were victims,” ​​said the lawyer in an interview.

Chansley was among the crowd of Trump fanatics who subdued the few security guards there were and stormed the Capitol on January 6, as Congressmen were gathered there to ratify the election victory of Democrat Joe Biden.



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