Man In The Arena – Episode 2 Recap: Tom Brady And The Patriots Learn To Overcome Adversity And Be Dominant

Nov 23, 2021

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Man in the Arena: Tom Brady: Stream Episode 2 on ESPN +

“Do what is best for the team.” This is one of the mantras with which Bill Belichick cemented the dynasty of the New England Patriots along with Tom Brady and the second episode of the series “Man In The Arena” on ESPN + focuses on him.

The new episode, called “The Toughest Things,” focuses on the 2003 season of the Patriots, who hadn’t even qualified for the Playoffs after winning the Super Bowl in the 2001 season and were trying to adopt a physically dominant team identity.

Tom Brady shares a first-hand account of each of his Super Bowls in ESPN’s new documentary series ‘Man in the Arena: Tom Brady,’ which you can watch in the US exclusively on ESPN +.

To adopt that attitude and personality, Belichick made what, at the time, was considered a risky decision when, days before the first game of the regular season, he cut safety Lawyer Milloy, who after being drafted by the Patriots in the second round. of the 1996 draft, he became the leader and lifeblood of their defense.

“At first, I was upset by that decision,” says Brady in his account. “I had lost my brother in the team.”

The departure of Milloy is considered a watershed in Belichick’s way of leading the Patriots regardless of the criticism within the team and outside it among the fans and the media. The coach had a plan and had already put it in place weeks earlier, hiring safety Rodney Harrison.

“I never thought that Rodney had come to replace Lawyer; I thought it would complement it, ”recalls Brady.

Harrison also offers his account of that season, in it he remembers not being shocked by Brady, despite the fact that he had led the Patriots to win Super Bowl XXXVI two years earlier.

Safety Rodney Harris on (left) was the final piece with which coach Bill Belichick (right) finished mentally arming a physically dominant Patriots on defense in 2003. Getty Images / Robert Klein

For Harrison, the then Patriots quarterback was just another player who did his job well, but he hadn’t shown anything else in the NFL.

“In my career I played Joe Montana, Steve Young, Joeh Elway, Dan Marino, all those legends and Hall of Famers and I was like, ‘What’s so special about this guy?’” Recalls Harrison, who had started his career with the then San Diego Chargers. “He’s a good player, but I’m going to talk to him and frustrate him and that was our goal defensively, to irritate him, because we knew he was a very good quarterback and we wanted to put him to the test and see if he was the right guy.”

In addition to the ways Harrison tested the mindset and stamina of the No. 12 and his teammates in practice, Brady also recounts how the Patriots took the attitude of focusing on doing their job no matter what was said about the performance of the player. team or the decisions that Belichick will make on and off the field.

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That attitude helped the Patriots win their second Super Bowl in the XXXVIII edition in a decided duel in the second final with a field goal by Adam Vinatieri and in which the Carolina Panthers put Brady and Brady’s mental and physical stamina to the test. company.

“I use a lot of sports metaphors in my life and when you think about doing your job, (I wonder), ‘How does that apply to life? Being the best husband you can be, the best father you can be, the best at your job you can be, because you can’t control everything, ‘”Brady highlights in his story.

“If you have perspective, in the end, nothing bad really happens, because good things come out of bad things and you learn from them. This is how I have chosen to live my life, ”concludes the legendary No. 12.

Don’t miss Episode 3 of “Man in the Arena” next Tuesday, November 30 on ESPN +.



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