Man Injected Silicone Into His Penis To Enlarge It And Dies

Seattle.- A young Australian who had a "poly love" relationship with 5 other men, died after injecting silicone into his penis and testicles, manipulated by one of his boyfriends in Seattle.

It seems that the deceased today began to inject himself into the testicles in 2014, at the age of 28, under Dylan's orders, and continued with that practice until he died in 2018 of a pulmonary embolism, this as part of the directed "cult" by Dylan, who demanded that his followers have enlarged scrotums and certain physical attributes.

According to local media reports, the five men worked hard to make their bodies as muscular as possible, lifting weights, they also injected saline into their penises and testicles to temporarily enlarge them, all looking to experiment in the field of sex.


The young man's mother, Linda Chapman and her son Ben, filed a lawsuit in September in King County, Washington, against Dylan Hafertepen, Daniel Balderas Hafertepen, Charles Osborn, Matthew Scott and Philip Myers, where they are accused of causing the death of their son for negligence.

Man injects silicone to enlarge his penis. Photo: AP

The complaint also mentions that Dylan "The Master" continued to make social media posts as if Tank were still alive.

According to a Daily Mail publication, Tank and Dylan managed several accounts of the Tumblr social network with hundreds of followers in which they related their relationship and their sexual exploits, which is why the death of the young man caused great sadness among his community of followers virtual.