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Manhattan Prosecutor Investigates Bank Details In Case Of Former Trump Adviser

New York – The Manhattan district attorney has requested financial documents related to the alleged scam involving Steve Bannnon, a former adviser to Donald Trump, to raise funds for the wall with Mexico, sources related to the investigation reported to CNN.

The Manhattan state attorney’s office, Cyrus Vance, has requested financial information from Wells Fargo bank, one of the entities that managed the funds raised in an alleged campaign to finance the border wall promised by Trump, and GoFundMe, the donation platform.

This measure advances the investigations into Trump and his circle of collaborators in which Vance works and in the case of Bannon reopens the possibility that he will be imputed for his role in the campaign “We Build the Wall” (We build the wall).

Trump pardoned Bannon just before leaving the White House at the end of January, but that benefit has only federal scope and does not affect the determinations that the New York State Prosecutor’s Office and justice may reach.

The New Jersey attorney general is also working on an investigation into the campaign to build the wall, which raised $ 25 million on a promise to dedicate itself exclusively to building the wall against immigration.

Bannon and his collaborators shared at least a million dollars for personal expenses, which had nothing to do with the construction of the wall.

Vance is also investigating Trump and the Trump Organization for possible violations of tax, insurance and financial laws.

Bannon was arrested this summer and released on charges shortly thereafter on a $ 5 million bond for his role in the campaign to build the wall at the request of the US Attorney for the Southern District of New York.


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