Manuel Valls: Europe Is More Than Ever Before Its Destiny And Could Die

Barcelona Pel Canvi spokesman Manuel Valls highlighted the magnitude of the challenge facing the European Union in the face of the coronavirus crisis, a Europe that, he said, “is more than ever before its fate” and that “it could die “


In an interview with Efe, Valls said that only with European principles such as solidarity and with the mutualisation of debt does Europe have a chance of surviving and becoming stronger.

The recipe of the former French prime minister goes through a “powerful commitment from the European Central Bank (ECB)” and also from “Germany”.

“The ECB has to be a central bank like the others … and move away from a German-only vision,” he added.

Thus, the politician has demanded that the vision of the euro change as a reflection of the framework and the Bundesbank. “Germany has to choose between a vision of a single German Europe or we are at a dead end.”

On the other hand, he has applauded the apology of the President of the European Commission, Úrsula Von Der Leyen, before Italy, as well as the mobilization of funds for the unemployed and companies and the suspension of the Maastricht criteria (the 3% deficit limits and 60% debt).

“All this must work, yes, but we must go further,” said Valls, who has opted for “direct aid” for industry and European workers.

The Barcelona councilor has pointed out that for this COVID-19 crisis “the 2008 measures of aid to banks are not valid”.

“No, direct investment is needed in the sectors and countries most affected. And if not, Europe will collapse, and if Europe collapses, not only will a magnificent project of peace and democracy sink, but also a unique alliance in the world. democracy, market economy, welfare state, human rights and culture, “he said.

“(Europe) we are a civilization. That civilization that must be able to be in solidarity with those who are suffering the most,” he added.



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