Many Studios Are About To Lose Franchise Rights Such As Terminator Or Nightmare On Elm Street

Normally, when we have to talk about copyright in terms of cinema, it is to talk about Marvel and its rampage of characters launched towards different studios, which now forces us to negotiate for its use in the UCM as has been the case of Spider-Man. But do not think that Marvel Studios is the only company with problems related to copyright, because the big party is about to start.

The 1980s left a lot of great film franchises that marked an era. For nearly 35 years, large producers have held the rights of these franchises and have exploited them, or not, on numerous occasions. However, thanks to United States law, the deadline is about to end. Notifications have already begun to arrive at studios such as Disney, Warner Bross, Fox (Disney for that matter …) or Paramount indicating that the deadline to use the rights of films such as Terminator, who cheated Roger Rabbit? or Nightmare on Elm Street are about to expire, and that their authors demand the return of rights.


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Under United States law since the 1980s, authors can claim their rights after 35 years of assignment, with a 2-year notice to recover the rights. This case has already happened with Paramount, whom Stephen King gave a touch warning of the end of his rights over Animal Cemetery, which became a quick production of the film that premiered this spring.

The dance of rights by the great franchises of the 80s is very close. Let the hunger games begin, and may rights always be on your side!