Mar-a-Lago residents don't want Donald Trump as a neighbor when he leaves the White House

Mar-a-Lago Residents Don’t Want Donald Trump As a Neighbor When He Leaves The White House

Although Donald Trump still refuses to recognize Joe Biden as the president-elect of the United States, on January 20 he will have to begin a new stage away from the White House when the new president is finally sworn in.

And if Trump plans to move to his private club in Mar-a-Lago, Florida, he already faces a problem.

The Washington Post reported last night that a group of residents of the complex submitted a letter to the municipality of Palm Beach alleging that Trump will not be able to live permanently in Mar-a-lago due to an agreement that was signed in the 1990s, and in the It was established that the complex would become a private club and would cease to be a permanent residence. The letter was also sent to the Secret Service.


According to the Washington Post, Trump is expected to move to Mar-a-lago once he leaves the White House.

The newspaper reports that in 1993, when Trump’s finances were in bad shape, the cost of maintaining the facilities at Mar-a-Lago amounted to millions of dollars each year. To lower costs, Trump reached an agreement with the municipality of Palm Beach, in which club members could not spend more than 21 days a year in any of the suites, and could not stay for more than seven consecutive days. Before the deal was finalized, a lawyer for Trump assured the city council in a public meeting that Trump would not live in Mar-a-Lago.

During his presidency, according to Post records, Trump has traveled to Mar-a-Lago at least 30 times and spent 130 days there.

In their letter to Palm Beach, the residents of Mar-a-Lago ask the municipality to notify Trump that he cannot live there to avoid a “shameful situation” in which he has to leave the place after settling there. In recent years, residents of Mar-a-Lago have complained about the clogging caused by Trump’s visits to Palm Beach. They even point out that the still president has tried on several occasions to violate the 1993 agreement.

Neither Trump nor Palm Beach officials reacted to the Washington Post story.



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