Marc Bartra Can’t Resist a Family Makeup Session

The footballer Marc Bartra, father of the adorable Gala (4) and April (1), as well as the no less charming Max (3 months), along with his wife Melissa Jiménez, has appeared before his followers of social networks as if of a canvas for abstract painting it will be. As Betis’ own defense on Instagram has explained, for a few minutes he has had no choice but to undergo a particular “makeup session” by his two daughters, who have used their mother’s cosmetics for such a display of creativity. “Makeup session”, joked the 29-year-old sportsman in the Stories section of the platform to accompany a frankly funny video, in which he appears trying to contain a laugh while receiving the impact of lipstick and other paintings in his face. The former player of Barcelona and the famous sports journalist have shown on numerous occasions that their status as a large family – apart from certain moments of chaos – has not ceased to give them joys in their day-to-day lives and touching anecdotes to share with their respective fan bases. Without going any further, Marc openly boasted, on January 15, of the stage of fullness that lives in his domestic environment since the arrival of the baby of the house last October. “Happy to be able to turn years surrounded by the love of mine and proud to receive so many congratulations and your love throughout the day! Thank you all!”, He wrote excitedly on his birthday.