Maribel Guard At Dawn And In Pajamas, This Is Not From God

Maribel Guard at dawn and in pajamas, this is not from God | Instagram special photo

Maribel Guard, without a doubt, one of the most impressive celebrities. And her beauty is still the same, as if she were a 20 year old girl. At 60, he does not ask a taste of the youth. In fact, this time he shared a video in the early morning and in his pajamas, what does he do to look so beautiful? This is not god's.

The truth is that since Maribel Guardia ended his relationship with Joan Sebastián, we have not seen her stop. It is practically what is known as a workaholic, when we do not see her doing plays, she is in a soap opera and even singing in the palenques. For God's sake, tell me something you don't do, it's divine.


Maribel Guard at dawn and in pajamas

The fact is that the very dear Maribel Guard, uploaded a video in the early morning, with the aim of wishing good night to his more than 4 million followers on Instagram. Although he put on a filter of cat, he impressed with how good it looks. Of course, if you imagined wearing sexy pajamas, you are wrong.

Maribel Guardia, dressed in a sweet pajamas with an adorable puppy, which did not have a single neckline. In addition, he was in charge of showing his real side. The famous assures that during this season she is doing very well with her work schedule, so she does not stop. So, he taught all the mess caused by these changes.

Among the comments highlighted how good he looks, even at that time. The video has almost 50 thousand views and they don't stop applauding him.

A pampering grandmother

On the other hand, what robbed his attention was his loving side as a grandmother. Undoubtedly, it is a heart pamper, since toys were seen everywhere, more and more toys, she pointed out.