Maribel Guardia Joins TikTok With Some Fun Videos

Maribel Guardia joins TikTok with some fun videos | INSTAGRAM

The famous Maribel Guardia, one of the most beloved women by Mexicans, decided to join the trend of internet users, as she made some videos for her new TikTok, with which she is delighting her fans with her beauty.

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In his first video he performed the song “que ricas son las papas” in a very interesting way, as he appears dancing very happily and doing some of his crazy things.

In the first video he appears wearing a blue dress, an apron and some heels with which he proposed to dance, jump and do crazy things boasting his potatoes while making sauces and chili powder.

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The beautiful woman enjoyed the video and asked her fans if they like potatoes. Something that caught the attention of his fans is that he appears next to a young man, who all wondered who he was but is not known.

In her second TikTok she also appeared accompanied, however this time it was with her puppy, which by the way is very cute and small and was super liked by TikTok users. In this new video Maribel appeared making a joke with her microwave with which she ended up dancing happily.

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The videos have 18 thousand and 10 thousand “likes” respectively, because their fans are just discovering that they have an account in this famous application, something that they found super curious, as more and more famous people join the app.

The host Maribel Guardia has shown that there is no age for beauty and to show this is how she looks in her videos and Instagram photos, as she has millions of fans to consent to.

As almost everyone in Mexico already knows, for a long time Maribel Guardia became the most attractive grandmother in the country, because at 60 she earned that place, after her son Juliancito gave her a beautiful grandson.