Maricarmen Marín Returned To "Yo Soy" To Sing His New Song "La Copita"

Maricarmen Marín returned to "Yo Soy". The singer appeared in the imitation program to present her new song "La Copita", which has become a national and international success.

The singer entered with a white suit and was very excited to return to the program in which she worked as a jury for almost 8 years, but this time focused 100% on her musical career.

"You don't know how happy I am every time I come, to see the beautiful jury, the public, my colleagues … I want to thank you infinitely. We continue traveling all over the world carrying our music, so I'm very happy," she said. Maricarmen Marín after his presentation on "I Am".


Also, the former member of the Agua Bella group, revealed a great surprise for all her fans, because she will be present at the Latin Grammys.

"This weekend we travel because I am invited to the Latin Grammys. We are going there with the whole team, it will be a very beautiful experience and, of course, I will record everything to see everything step by step," he added .

Maricarmen Marín published last October 25 the song "La Copita", which already has about 400 thousand views on YouTube.


Maricarmen Marín was surprised to reveal the reason he left "Yo Soy", which he integrated from its inception in 2012 until the end of 2018. The singer said that she still misses her classmates with whom the jury of the imitation program was integrated.

"I miss my group of friends. I had a lot of fun doing" I Am ", it has been almost eight years of program every day. It was a space that allowed me to connect with an audience that today are my friends," Maricarmen Marín told the "On" program of RPP News.

Also, the interpreter, who also joined the Agua Bella cumbia group in the 2000s, said she retired from "I Am" to devote herself fully to her music.

"I had a question about my music, because although it is true I never left it aside, since I had the weekends free to sing and have presentations, I had not dedicated 100%. I did not want more time to pass Then, after the success of 'Why you left', I thought this was the time to devote myself to my music again, "he explained.