Mario Abdo Highlights That Donald Trump Wants To Strengthen Ties With Paraguay

Mario Abdo Benítez arrived at the Presidential Breakwater of Silvio Pettirossi airport around 12:30 on Monday after completing his official visit in the US. The president spoke with the media and highlighted the agreements with his partner Donald Trump.

"We had a very important meeting with President Trump to strengthen our bilateral ties. The focus of the conversation focused on advancing cooperation … The United States has a detailed look at the process that Paraguay is going through and what it represents for the region, "said the head of state.

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In addition, Abdo said they talked about the possibility of Paraguay being a logistic ally in terms of American investment and, in that sense, said that they are working on an investment of USD 200 million for the establishment of Mount Sinai Hospital in the country.

"That will also represent a greater strategic positioning in the region and for the international private sector that will see as a new advance in hospital structure," he said.

On the other hand, the head of the Executive also mentioned that they talked about regional policy and trade integration.

“Now that we have to preside over Mercosur, we talk about free trade with the United States and we also invite President Trump to participate in the next summit. He said he would do his best to come, ”he said.

Regarding commercial integration, Abdo said they also talked about the opening of the North American market for Paraguayan meat. He explained that for this, there is only one inspection of the national refrigerators and other steps corresponding to the US Secretary of Agriculture.

"I felt that President Trump is very interested in strengthening ties with Paraguay and that makes me happy because he is a world power," said the head of the Executive.

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The bilateral meeting between Abdo and Trump took place amid a series of measures taken by the US Government.

A working team was formed between the FBI and the Paraguayan authorities of the Prosecutor's Office to investigate more cases related to money laundering, drug trafficking and corruption.

This after the fall of former Colorado deputy Cynthia Tarragó, who is being held in the US for alleged acts of money laundering and drug trafficking. It is even mentioned that more names of people linked to these crimes will appear.

Trump himself had pointed out days ago to journalists accredited in the White House that there is intense work with Paraguay in sectors linked to terrorism, drugs, commerce and other issues.



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