Mario Alvarez: “My Partner’s Avalanche Is Supporting Me.”

Mario Alvarez Soto, a candidate for president of the sports immortal Naco Sports Club, is leading Plate 2 “Nakenyo Pride” and this Sunday “received an avalanche of support from hundreds of members from all regions. I’m doing it. ” So we will all have an overwhelming victory on the 28th. “

He is accompanied by a true “dream team” of men and women who have been devoted to working hard for years so that Club Naco is a service organization and for all members. Said that. “We are doing very well,” he emphasized.

In sending the press release, he showed that Plate # 2 “Naqueño Pride” offers the following pillars to all Club Naco members:


・ Legal amendment to say NO for indefinite re-election. Yes to take turns. (The current president wants a fourth re-election)

· Improve service in all areas of headquarters and Kabamar.

-Establishing an ethics committee to oversee purchase, sales and contract behavior.

• Introduce a co-determination modality and eliminate absolute presidential authority.

・ Meet the requirements of each sports field without obstacles.

• Establish a youth committee for programming social and cultural activities that creates space for returning to the club.

He attended the board of directors in 2016 until 2020 and is now the first vice president, remembering that he has the necessary experience to make the changes the club needs.

“For the last six years, I have contributed most to the clubs that have welcomed the development of my sports career. Among these achievements, the following points stand out: Website redesign, network The same goes for graphics and communication lines, which are responsible for managing them and addressing all the concerns of more than 10,000 members, which is unusual for directors of similar institutions.

He also worked on the club’s first live sporting event over the network. The first live transmission of a bid for a work in a club over the network until they decide not to bid anymore.

Presenting and managing electricity price reduction projects based on consumption surveys conducted by energy companies, and starting the exchange of high-consumption air by investing in high efficiency.

“Among many other contributions that I have lovingly made to my beloved Club Deportivo Naco, Inc.”

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