Marlene Favela And Her Daughter Bella’s Spectacular Collection Of Dresses

In the midst of strong rumors of a possible separation from her husband, Marlene Favela is focused on the positive and above all on the care of her daughter, Bella . Just seven months after becoming a mother, the actress always shares every detail of her new experience as a mom with videos and photos that portray her princess’ growth. Recently, the soap opera protagonist showed off her baby’s huge and assorted closet, in which she has some spectacular clothes.  

Marlene Favela and daughter Bella© @ marlenefavela

Marlene Favele showed off her daughter’s spectacular collection of dresses

Through a publication on her YouTube channel, Marlene was encouraged to show in detail the infinity of trousseau she has bought for her baby and some other gifts that the little girl has received, who is fascinated by her mommy wearing dresses.


“We have this closet because as I mentioned, most have been gifts, which I appreciate because it is good to invest in other things that we have for longer,” said the proud mom.

Among the many items, Marlene showed different styles of clothing including pajamas, rompers, t-shirts, jeans and jumpers with which she dresses her first-born. Although the options in that wardrobe are endless, what surprised us most is the spectacular collection of beautiful dresses.

“She is my doll, I play dolls with her, I have fun every morning, I say: ‘now what am I going to put on it’. I think she came out as flirtatious as I did, because she loves that I change her, that she puts things on her head, ”she said.

And it is that for the remembered protagonist of Wild Cat, it is important to highlight that feminine touch, which is why she stressed that she avoids dressing her in unisex clothing.

Marlene Favela shows off her daughter's dresses© @ marlenefavela

The actress is aware of the good clothing of her baby

“I love dressing super feminine Bella […] I like to see that she is a girl, I do not like to bring her with things that boys and girls can wear, I like that from a distance it is seen that she is a girl so much with their ornaments on the head as with their dresses, “he said.

Regarding her favorite colors, Marlene revealed that although she likes to dress her in pink, she prefers that Bella use all kinds of colors, especially pastel shades like lilac and pistachio green.