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Marlene Favela’s Ex George Seely Made a Controversial Promise To His Daughter

Little Bella is less than a year old and doesn’t understand the separation from her parents, but George Seely made her a declaration of love on Instagram.

The Australian caused great controversy after the message he sent to the minor, as a result of her relationship with the actress.

“My relationship did not end because I wanted to return to the middle of the show. I want to clarify it, I would never have put my family at risk for some job that my husband did not think it was like, “Favela said in the shared video.

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After Marlene Favela confirmed that she is separating and has filed for divorce from George Seely, it is now the businessman who has reappeared on social media to comment on one of the photos posted on the baby’s Instagram account that they shared in common.

A separation is never a simple matter, much less when there are children involved, in this case Bella, a little less than a year old.

Although Seely had remained silent regarding her separation from the Mexican actress and the distance he maintains with the girl of just a few months old, the Australian caused great controversy after the message he sent to his daughter.

After the separation became official, the Australian businessman surprised hi ex wife when commenting on one of the photos of the baby on Instagram. In this comment, Seely promises to be faithful guardian of his daughter until the day of his death, which has generated hundreds of reactions found on the social network.

“Even though I can’t see you every day, you are always and forever in my heart. I will be your dad and your protector until the day I die, “Seely posted.

And as expected, there were some who questioned him and left with everything to point out, “Don’t say it, do it! Do not repeat history, fight for your marriage, do not leave and come another and take away what is still yours. Your daughter when she is older can look for someone similar to you and they can do the same thing that you are doing to her mother ”.

For her part, Malene said that although their relationship ended, she does not intend to speak bad of her daughter’s father and wants Bella to grow up with a good image of both parents and loving them equally.

“I want to tell you that I am separated, I did ask for a divorce and I want to share this with you because I do not want the media to speculate or continue to invent things” she clarified a few days ago.

“I want my daughter to grow up loving her parents equally, because we both have the same rights, because we both love her deeply, because she had absolutely nothing to do with this decision,” she added.

It should be noted that in addition to her divorce process, Marlene assured that she had no interest in asking the businessman for some financial support for her daughter, and even stressed that she will never speak bad to Bella about her father.

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