Martha Cristiana Makes New Revelations Of Impact On Violence With Her Ex

The ex-model said that thanks to her, her ex-husband made the decision to go to therapy.

Christian Martha broke the silence after denouncing through the social networks the gender violence that she lived at the hands of her ex-husband Raúl Martínez Ostos, after these statements came to light a few days after Ana Serradilla will celebrate his bachelorette party, because soon he will marry the businessman.


In interview for the program The sun rises, the actress confessed that beyond what she lived with her ex-husband, she decided to make these statements because she continues to suffer the ravages of her already settled marriage with Martínez Ostos.

“Let’s still say… so many aggressions, always passive aggressive, and always wanting to see me weak, many things continue to happen. I have been silent thousands of times, I have been silent thousands of things to protect just the wonderful things that we spent together, we got married in the church, we had two children, and now we are going to try to discredit those 16 years we spent together … Do you have so much courage for me because I asked for a divorce? Because I didn’t paint your horn, I didn’t leave you on the street, ”said the artist.

Regarding whether his statements have to do with the recent marriage commitment of his ex, Martha Cristina replied: “You have the right to rebuild your life and have a beautiful wedding and have a happy life, of course, but that is not about neither of Ana (Serradilla), nor is it about him, nor is it about the story they are living, it’s about me. My 4 children are witnesses of this violence, nobody is going to shut my mouth, I’m very sorry if I don’t like them, friends and the circle and all those people who are dying to go to that wedding, have a lot of fun, and if you can deny my friendship to be invited if you die of wanting to go, I have no problem, I love seeing the father of my children happy.

Then Martha said that not only was she a victim of the aggressions of her ex-partner, but also one of her children. “I love that he went to therapy with them on my recommendation, everything is in the minutes, everything is written … we all have failures, I also get angry, I also scream, I also give manazos, spank, but one thing is that and another is to close the eye of one of your children because your son is saying, stop him, leave mom alone! Do not go to the house to shout! I do not feel like seeing you in the morning because the only thing you do is scold me, and the Lord gets angry, and then it is violence towards me through my son. ”