Martha Cristiana Tells Why She Shared Her Story Of Violence

The actress hinted that her intention was not to affect her ex-husband, but to inspire people to question violent practices.

After recognizing that this week has been chaotic as a result of his statements about the violence he lived with his ex-husband, the businessman Raúl Martínez Ostos, the actress Martha Cristiana she finally clarified what it was that led her to make those crude comments.


Through their program Martha Cristiana on air It is transmitted through Facebook that the actress and businesswoman gave what she called “the only clear and honest statement that I am going to give to my colleagues in the media, to my friends and to you.”

“I want to tell you that what I shared recently and that has been circulating in various media as a result of what I put on my social networks has been my life experience, and it has been important to share it. The right belongs to me to be able to share with all of you my experience because it is what I lived “, explained Martha Cristiana.

The actress of The Sanchez She also explained that she feels very inspired to find the positive side to all the scandal that was created with her statements, and that even went as far as Ana Serradilla , who is days away from marrying Martínez Ostos.

“What I rescue from all this that occurred is that beyond the controversy, that if he said or not, whether it is true or not, friends, is that I have always been very honest and very transparent. I have never hidden anything from them, not even my worst sins, my worst mistakes. That is the advantage of not having masks. This is me. Always full of defects and limitations ”.

For Martha Cristiana having given their testimony on social networks can serve to make all people aware of the fine line of respect “that always disappears when we normalize this type of practice.”

Finally, the actress made it clear that her purpose was not to affect her ex-partner, but simply to inspire and speak about what is not spoken and say what is not said.

“First of all I want to inspire women, young people, men and of course, most important of all, my children. I want through my words, from my personal experience to continue inspiring, to continue touching the consciences of many people so that we have at least the opportunity to question these practices and to question ourselves, ”he assured. Martha Cristiana.