Martha Debayle Demonstrates Her Skills Above The Tube!

The conductor took a private pole dance class with María León, who has proven herself to be an expert in this discipline.

Martha debayle not only has she proved to be the most sophisticated businesswoman, communicator, journalist and opinion leader; Now, the driver surprised her followers on social networks by “showing off” her skills above the tube.


But the communicator had a great teacher, the singer Maria Leon, who was as a guest on her radio show to promote her latest single Dog love.

In the videos that Martha shared in his profile of InstagramFirst you see the exvocalist of the group Limbo Beach doing a routine of pole dance and then it was the communicator’s turn that took courage to get on the tube and make some turns.

“The cute, talented, fit + hot Maria Leon challenging my body and age. Thanks for the classes, “he wrote Martha debayle next to the videos.

Immediately his followers reacted and, among the comments they wrote to MarthaThey highlighted their enthusiasm to risk doing such activities.

“You are cannon Martha“;” Divine, that barbarians don’t know how much they inspired me! “,” You did very well! “,” I loved! What arm are you driving huh! You are barbaric! “And” God, how much beauty together … I love them! “, Were some of the comments received by the communicator.

For some years Maria Leon has shown that she is an expert in the pole dance , through the videos she shares in her social networks and, although at first she was worried about what they might think of her, now the singer wants to be an example for many women who do not dare to exploit their sensuality to the fullest.

“Today the pole dance it is an exercise for many people, for other people it is therapeutic, for others it is challenging; It is a very complicated sport, at first I also had my doubts, when I started practicing it I said: ‘I don’t know what they will think of me’, “the singer accepted.