Martha Figueroa Mistakenly Promotes ” Come The Joy ” Instead Of ” Today “

The journalist escapes saying the name of Hoy’s competition program … which made her colleagues Galilea Montijo and Paul Stanley uncomfortable.

This is April 27 Martha Figueroa was one of the hosts of the program Today. When the clock struck 9:30 in the morning, the journalist along with Paul Stanley and Galilea Montijo He appeared in a box on one of the sets of the program to present the next section, “Las calientitas”. And just when he started giving his morning speech, he made a huge mistake.


What a pleasure to see them, hopefully everyone is fine, “he said Martha as an initial greeting. “Let’s keep taking care of ourselves and let’s continue with joy because … come joy … come joy no”, he corrected between the nervous laughter of Galilee and Paul.

And then he said: “You have to be with joy” to continue with the section as if nothing had happened.

This is not the first “bear” that Martha Figueroa makes box. Last year the journalist suffered a dramatic fall during the recordings of the program Excuse me who for a couple of years has been driving alongside Juan José Origel.

In that occasion, “Gherkin“I had just welcomed the broadcast and Martha, who was with a bowling ball in his hand, turned to take a shot and try to get a shot…. Before trying, he had asked his partner to help him kick her out, but he did not, so Figueroa had to throw the ball alone.

Unfortunately he took a bad step, because although he did manage to make the shot, with the impulse he slipped and fell to the ground. Origel’s laughter was swift and judging from the video the driver shared, she also couldn’t help but laugh at herself, despite a loud thump.