Martín Fuentes’s Request To Jacky Bracamontes Before Surgery

The champion of Blancpain GT World Challenge America assured Whom that supports his wife in all his decisions.

Martin Sources received a Who with her red shirt from the Squadra Corse Garage Italia because the reason for the meeting was to announce that for the first time it will run within the pro category in the GT World Challenge America.


Always kind MartinIn addition to sharing his pride in being the only Mexican to participate in the series that starts this weekend, he has no qualms about accepting that he fully supported the decision of Jacqueline Bracamontes to make some “arrangements” to look prettier than ever.

Martin He told us that there was a moment in the process in which he worried, because the intervention he underwent Jacky It was very long: “He went to the operating room for almost seven hours and I almost had a heart attack, they did everything. I thought it was only bubis, but they told me that they were also having a belly and (they treated her) a hernia, so it took a long time. “

Sources said he understands well what reason to Bracamontes to make this change: “To give love you have to feel loved, to make someone feel good, you have to feel good; so if she is well she can generate that feeling to people. To be able to give something you have to feel the same. “

Martin Sources he changed his tone of voice and gets sweeter when he talks about Jacqueline Bracamontes, who has been married for eight years, and remains as in love with her as the first moment. The pilot said what was the first thing he saw in the driver when he “flecked Cupid“and then he decided to make her the woman of his life.