Maryfer Centeno, The Graphologist Who Caused 'a War' For Her Departure From The 'Hoy' Program

For a few days it was rumored that the 'Today' program would soon have some casualties. His former driver, Alex Kaffie, advanced the departure of two members of the morning program, starting a fight with his producer Magda Rodríguez. But although Rodriguez denied that his drivers were leaving due to ill-treatment on his part, it seems that Kaffie was telling the truth. Something that happens frequently according to Daniel Bisogno.The drivers announced their resignation from the program shortly after. In the case of Maryfer, the driver and graphologist confirmed her exit from the program with a video on her YouTube account in which she talks about her real reasons for giving up and details her decision to look for new opportunities and ways in which she can help people with issues of self-esteem and personal acceptance.Who is he who lies? In his column, Kaffie said that the drivers would stop working in the Las Estrellas program on the 31st of this month, and attributed the decision of Rye and Jury of leave the program in which Andrea Legarreta and Galilea Montijo also appear to “the unfavorable treatment they have received lately from the producer of the program,” Magda Rodríguez.According to Kaffie, the producer called him to “grumble” what was published that day in your column. Calling him a liar to later communicate with Grupo Formula looking to make it clear that although Chano did leave to fulfill a dream as a driver (for which he has his absolute support), Maryfer was still part of the team. You may also be interested: Michelle Salas and the luxurious life she leads without help from Luis Miguel, her dad “Three days later the same graphologist, via her YouTube channel, announced that she left the morning of Las Estrellas,” wrote Alex Kaffie after Maryfer published a seven-minute video confirming her resignation. "Who was the liar then?" He said. A painful decision In the video, the graphologist explains to her followers that she felt the need for them to hear "loudly" about her departure from the ‘Today’ program. He confessed that it was not an easy decision and that it took him several months to get there, since his experience with 'Hoy' has always been good and leaving behind the program he learned so much from was very painful. “Am I leaving 'Hoy' ? Yes, I am leaving today, but not for anything bad. Unlike. I leave infinitely happy, infinitely grateful, infinitely satisfied with what I did in these eight years. ”The young woman thanked Carla Estrada, Reinaldo López, Alfonso López, Andrea Rodríguez and everyone who was on their way, taking a moment to make a Special mention for the program producer. “She has always been an exceptionally intelligent and exceptionally funny woman. She is also a very protective woman, very motherly, who for me has been a great, great, great teacher. A teacher in every way. A generous woman, a good woman, a sensitive woman. ”The graphologist said she is retiring because she wants to grow and help others, which she believes is her true vocation in life. For her part, Chano Jurado said that His departure from the program also happened in excellent terms, and that there are “new challenges and learning to come.” You may also be interested: Jorge Romano is out of 'The Academy', what happened? Kaffie is not wrong? Daniel Bisogno ended up getting involved in the mess by saying that almost always what Alex Saffie said turns out to be true. "You know what?" Bisogno said in a broadcast of The Teapot of El Heraldo Radio, "then they deny Kaffie a lot and almost always, if not always, what she is saying is true." wrong, especially when it comes to information about 'Today' and those involved in its production. Kaffie has been really full of other issues, such as the entry of Lambda García instead of Mauricio Mancera and the breakup of Pedro Prieto and Jass Reyes.