Maryland Restaurant Uses “bumper Tables” To Attract Customers

Ocean City, Maryland – A restaurant in a Maryland beach town found a way to attract diners during the coronavirus pandemic, with a little help from inflatable cameras on wheels.

About a dozen so-called “bumper tables” have been available since Saturday at Fish Tales, a restaurant in Ocean City, Maryland, the press reported. The inflatable chamber tables were created by Baltimore-based Revolution Event Design & Production company to allow people to practice social distancing while eating and chatting outdoors. The tables are inspired by amusement park carts designed to crash into each other without damaging each other.

Inflatable chambers allow them to be used by people who are between 1 and 2 meters (4 and 6 feet) tall. Participants nudge each other without losing their balance, thanks to wheels at the bottom, while maintaining a distance of 2 meters (6 feet) between them.


Erin Cermak, CEO of Revolution Event Design & Production, commented: “We wanted to come up with a creative and fun way to keep everyone safe and obedient, but bring back the social and festive aspect of the event,” the Baltimore Sun newspaper reported.

Shawn Harman, owner of Fish Tales, said he and his wife have bought 10 Cermak company bite tables and plan to order 40 more for customers to enjoy their food and keep their distance while eating in the restaurant parking lot.

“If you come to ask for a pound of shrimp and a beer, you can stop at one of these and walk, see things, and talk to people,” said Harman.