Massa Travels To The USA With The FdT Letter And Seeks New Political Relations With Trump

The Front of All campaign for the October 27 elections not only includes the Argentine territory: 'Preparing the terrain' in the international sphere it is also part of the space strategy led by Alberto Fernández and Cristina Kirchner.

Presidential candidate A. Fernández is the pioneer in positioning the Front of All abroad and reinforcing or regaining ties with some leaders. He has already traveled to Spain, Peru and Bolivia. All this, to establish relations of the possible Government of Argentina that they hope to lead as of December.

But now, the FdT goes further and wants to build relationships with Mauricio Macri's friend and who has supported his economic policy over these 4 years: The president of the United States, Donald Trump. And the one chosen to carry out this approach is the one who heads the list of candidates for national deputies for that political space, Sergio Massa.

Why Massa, because the former leader of the Renewal Front maintains a friendship with Rudy Giuliani, Trump's personal lawyer and one of the powerful men of the US government. In that context, he will serve as a bridge between the Front of All, represented by Sergio Massa, and US President Donald Trump.

As it transpired, Massa will travel in the next few hours to the United States, specifically to Washington, since the Argentina-USA relationship, and promptly the agreement with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) is one of the issues that most disturb Alberto Fernández.

In that context, Massa will meet Trump's lawyer on Friday 04/10, He promises to serve as a 'mediator' between Peronism and the US Government if he wins the A. Fernández elections.

The relationship with the lawyer of Trump and Massa is old, even in 2018 Sergio Massa and Rudolph Giuliani signed a work agreement on legal and security systems. In that year, they agreed "The joint work of both teams in order to create a synergy that allows to provide consulting and advisory services for the implementation of business and projects of Argentine clients abroad, as well as for the implementation of business and projects of foreign companies in Argentina" .

In addition, Giuliani already participated in a couple of Massa election campaigns.

Regarding the trip to the USA, after the meeting with Giuliani Massa, he hopes to generate some direct meetings with Trump's government officials. Likewise, it transpired that the candidate for deputy He will also meet with Joseph Gildenhorn, chairman of the board of directors of the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Academics, who is friends with the former Tiger mayor.

Another person who will meet with Massa in the USA is Democrat Susan Segal, president of the Council of Americas. That body will receive the tiger formally on Monday 07/10.

Also, Massa will also meet with Wall Street investment funds to discuss Argentina's external debt. Last but not least, the candidate for deputy of the Front of All, will hold discussions with university students from that country.



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