Mauricio And De La Cruz In “untouchable Mode”

Mauricio And De La Cruz In “Untouchable Mode”

“You are the artist in your life. Don’t give your brush to anyone” Anonymous “

Expert reports are insufficient to certify the quality of the “Missile del Glorioso” that Ronnie Mauricio and Ellie de la Cruz will demonstrate on the playing field.

Mauricio, who batted .421, and De La Cruz, who batted .406, were nightmares for pitchers playing in the Tomas Troncoso tournament. The mutual entered yesterday’s game as his 11 RBI co-leader alongside Rodolfo Durán of the Estrellas Orientales. Mauricio he commands the theft battalion in 5.


But when will the Indigo congregation be able to enjoy the aggressive contributions of this dynamic duo?

Unfortunately, Dominican baseball is played by the name and status of a major leaguer, with the gentle voices of Sergio Alcantara and O’Neil Cruz waiting for the sun to appear through the window.

Tomorrow, when Alcantara, who has already practiced, receives clearance to act, who do you want to bench Mauricio, de la Cruz or Michael de Leon? This is one of the reasons he breaks the group’s cohesiveness, which Gringo calls “teamwork.”

Ask any Tigres del Lise fan if they’d like to see Mauricio or de la Cruz on the bench today. I won’t reveal the answer. Because baseball is the sport of today, and in 1958-59 Lycee said, “Patico Ramirez catcher.

Baseball is a sport where the underdog always has a chance and the threat of a team’s fortunes is on the horizon.

Mauricio and de la Cruz are already legends. The magical moments from 18’s Roquete to Aguilas aren’t just for the sake of a hump, they’re the result of a lot of hard work and careful planning, and they don’t happen overnight, but these hot gamers are ” Possessed by the youkai of “replacement mode”.

Baseball is both an individual sport and a team sport. An ensemble consists of people who must bravely carry out their respective tasks in order for the team to succeed. You can’t help the third baseman field the ball down the line and throw a timely, accurate throw first. The team aspect of the game is equally important. For example, in a bunt, each defensive player has a role to play, such as communicating important information to other players.

I am not Ricardo Ravello, President of Glorioso, nor Audo Vicente, General Manager, much less Jose Offerman, Manager. Eliot Ness’ Shadowless Maud Untouchables”.

days like today

In 1968, the Chosen Lions, aided by Panamanian pitcher Leslie Scott’s pitching, defeated Laissy 7–2 in front of 13,420 fans. Felipe Rojas Alou had his five hits, four of which were doubles, and in one game he set a four-tube record.
In 1973, Greig Skok pitched a complete game, leaving Laissy within five hits to give El Esguido a 3–0 win in front of 17,946 fans.
In 1974, at the Tetero Vargas Stadium, Bruce Bocte scored the only run needed in the fifth inning for Lissie to beat the Stars 1–0. Manuel Mota hit his 2-4.
In 1984, in a game between Aguilas del Cibao and Caimanes del Sur, Jose Paton Gomez hit the first home run of the championship in the fourth inning. Caymans he won 6-5.
In 1986, Tigres del Lisi faced Azcaleros del Este at Hermanos Suarez Stadium in San Juan de la Magna and won by a score of 8×1.
In 1996, Gigantes de Nordeste made his home debut in a 9–3 defeat to Tigres del Lise. Lysey Jay Payton hit lefty Jesus Sanchez, who hit the ballpark’s first home run in a professional baseball game. Rafael Roque was the winning pitcher.

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