Mauricio Macri Sees One Thing, María Eugenia Vidal Sees Another

Mauricio Macri Sees One Thing, María Eugenia Vidal Sees Another

Things are what they are but sometimes they are more than they seem. The places with surprising crowds that Macri summons in the interior today contrast with the campaign if you want more neighborhood that makes Vidal in the most decisive province. It conveys the idea that Macri put the campaign on his shoulder and that although he is losing by much difference and no one or many do not give chances of winning will play until the 90th minute. Matches never end until they end.

Football player as it is, Macri uses the image of Liverpool that he lost with Barcelona from home 3 to 0 and as a visitor he turned it with a 4 to 0. It is not that this will happen but Macri bets everything that this will happen.

Road to elections


What you have to know today about the ruling party and the opposition.

Monday to Friday

Full squares embolden him as they would embolden anyone. They contrast with the beating of the STEP, unforeseen in the world of Change and also unforeseen in the world of politics. Also the noise and fervor of these squares contrast with the politics of the networks, almost the only tool of PRO activism. There are things that never die.

How much of this can be translated into votes? Nobody knows. The crowds, however large, are minimal compared to the magnitude of the votes. They may be unable to achieve the miracle but they are able to keep the miracle flame alive. And this is also a bet.

Macri has managed to install a campaign and talk about his campaign. For him, so rational, the party is not liquidated. Vidal more emotional, gives the impression that he thinks backwards, that the election is already liquidated.

The mayors of Cambiemos have chosen to move in their territories, which is finally where their fate is decided. And so it is that a few have disengaged from the national election and the provincial election and propose the cutting of ballots. In the end nothing very different from what some governors have done, such as Mendoza. Vidal only joins the campaign of the mayors if they ask for it. Around the governor, there are those who seem after PASO to have taken a weight off.

Look also

Four years ago, the province had been a land of surprises. An almost unknown Vidal took from the court a well-known, although not for the best reasons, Aníbal Fernández, today hidden as a candidate for councilor in Pinamar. The new surprise is called Kicillof and especially who sponsors it, Cristina. Will it be the last surprise?

Vidal passes the feeling that she is angry and that she is angry because she had to carry the lead belt of the economic crisis. Also because Macri and Peña did not let her unfold the STEP as she wanted and arrange with Massa, who played several points, including Vidal. She was loyal to Macri and was punished for being loyal to Macri. Who can ensure that with a split the result would have been another?

Look also

Had the election been anticipated, the crisis would have hit Vidal less. But it is also true that there was much less court of tickets than expected by Vidal. This intern has not been free, much less is paid. Vidal's relationship with Peña seems more dead than alive.

Macri is thinking about the choice. Vidal is thinking about him after the election. Macri's future depends on how he does in the present: nobody knows what he will do if he loses. Vidal has secured a place in the future: he will continue as a reference for the PRO and at the table of the new leadership of Cambiemos, if it happens, as it seems, to the main force of the opposition.