Mauricio Ochmann Talks About Alleged Separation Of Aislinn Derbez

This weekend, the couple celebrated their daughter Kailani’s first two years with a fun party.

Aislinn Derbez and Mauricio Ochmann they quickly became one of the favorite young couples of the Mexican public because of the solidity of their relationship and the stability they project since they decided to start a family (in 2016) and, subsequently, to become parents, however, the rumor of that could be going through a crisis after neither of them dedicated romantic messages last Valentine’s Day.


Although on February 14 they were “virtually ignored,” the oldest daughter of Eugenio Derbez Y Mauricio they shared in their respective Instagram accounts some photographs in which they appear together during their daughter’s number two birthday Kailani In the images we see them enjoying the fun celebration together (you can even see the actor living with his famous father-in-law).

During the promotion of your new movie, And who is he?, we ask Mauricio about these rumors and assured that they prefer to ignore them and concentrate on the happy moments they live as a family.

“The truth is that all week we have been celebrating a lot (to Kailani), on Tuesday (February 25), which was really her birthday, we woke up and sang the mornings with balloons and gifts and spent the day with her, but his party party, with all his guests and everything, was the weekend. “

“She loves horses, so we planned to have a party between Ais and me in a little place we know there, in Los Angeles, which is good father and we did it there and he was happy. The truth is that we have been enjoying a lot as a family, ”Mauricio shared in an interview to Who


And, although it seems that everything is honey on flakes in the relationship of Mauricio and Aislinn, also the couple has had its ups and downs. A few months ago, the actress herself confessed in an interview for the program Wake up America who had a marital crisis during the first year of her daughter’s life.

The interpreter assured that the trip to Morocco that she made with the whole family to record the reality show Traveling with the Derbez it was very difficult. Full of sincerity, Aislinn explained that the personal and emotional situation she was living at that time led her to label herself as “unbalanced and hysterical.”

“It was one of the most difficult journeys of my life. I was not emotionally in a good place, for me it was very confrontational. I was almost a year old Kai, but also this roll of motherhood hit me very hard, but we were also a little bit in a couple crisis. It hit me at a time that I said ‘I could not have arrived at the worst moment this whole trip’. I was unbalanced, I was not well and I think that everyone noticed “, The actress revealed.

Aislinn He also shared that due to this crisis he decided to take therapy to be able to solve the family and couple situation he was going through: “I was in a very dark species, it was a very dark moment in my life, I was very overwhelmed. I after that trip I ended up drained, wrong, I said ‘I’m superbalanced, I don’t know what’s wrong with me’