Maximo Was Going To Be a Time Traveler In The ‘Gladiator’ Sequel Never Made

It was the year 2000 when the peplum cinema was back in fashion. And all thanks to Maximo and the Gladiator by Ridley Scott, a movie that became a classic at the time it began to be broadcast on television (and we ended up learning its phrases by heart). The financial success and its five Oscars (including the best film) marked the perfect path for a sequel, but if it wasn’t for the original script closing each chapter of the story, surely we would have seen more than one already. If he had gotten away with it, we would have seen Maximo become a time traveler, fighting against a figure like Jesus Christ and in the Vietnam War in the craziest sequel ever made. This is the story of the second part of Gladiator. From a script written and finished but that nobody dared to carry out. © 2000 – Dreamworks LLC & Universal Pictures – All Rights ReservedMore Scott is currently working on a continuation based on Lucio, the son of Lucilla (Connie Nielsen) and nephew of Comfortable (Joaquin Phoenix), the idea of ​​making a sequel has been around since 2001. Russell Crowe was aware that it would be very difficult to include him in the story after the character’s death (basically the film leaves no doubt by showing him reuniting with his family on the Elysium), but wanted to star in Gladiator 2 at all costs. And so, in 2006 he asked Nick Cave – yes, the one from The Bad Seeds – to write the script. Cave had already written some novels such as And the Donkey Saw the Angel (1989), but at the cinematographic level he had barely two scripts under his belt, Ghosts … of the Civil Dead and The Proposal, both by director John Hillcoat. He was fully focused on his music, but accepted anyway. “But didn’t you die in Gladiator 1?” Cave asked as revealed in a 2013 podcast to Den of Geek (as NME collected at the time). “Yes, figure it out,” Russell replied, leaving the solution in his hands. With free reign and without any starting idea, the music expanded to the maximum, creating a script that, if it were not for having Máximo as the protagonist, surely it would have already happened. in theaters with another character. It was wild, it had drama, history, deities and science fiction. So much so that Maximus ended up being the savior of the Christians during the Roman persecution. Nothing more, nothing less.The script started right where the original film ends: with Maximo reaching the Hereafter. To his disappointment, and ours, it was not the sunny Elysee that he dreamed of in Gladiator, but a rainy hell with refugees huddled on the shores of a black ocean. Come on, he had not done very good things in his life to get to where his wife and son were spending eternal life. However, a ghost guide named Mordecai took him to a ruined temple where he encountered Jupiter, Mars, and five other decrepit Roman deities. There, they explain that one of the gods of the group, Hephaestus, had betrayed them and was preaching the gospel of another more powerful God (the Christian) and they offered him a deal: if he killed the traitor, he could be reunited with his family in the golden wheat fields. In other words, reach the same end as the original film. If we remember, since he knows the brutal murder of his wife and son, all the protagonist yearns for is to die and be reunited with them. He succeeds at the end of the story and here basically the same premise was repeated, but instead of being a peplum drama, it was a science fiction one, thus bringing the hero of the sandals back to life, landing in Rome twenty years after his death. He runs into Christians while seeking to annihilate this figure similar to Jesus Christ, he was reunited with his adult son – who in this version was alive – and with his former companion in the arena, Juba (Djimon Hounsou), while the villain on duty did not he was none other than Lucio, the nephew of Comfortable. What’s more, with the help of Juba, he secretly trained an army of Christian resistance and thus came the final confrontation against the Roman army of Lucio.Read more What about the Colosseum? It was not missing either, although this time they filled it with water to recreate a naval battle surrounded by 100 alligators. I mean, this Gladiator 2 was a pure action show. Meaningless, but action-packed, the script leaked online a few years ago, but was later deleted. And as Cave confessed on the podcast, he wanted to call the project “Christ’s killer” because in this story – and beware that here comes the surprise turn of the film: the alleged messiah was the son of Máximo, whom he had to murder by order of the gods. Total madness! So did he achieve eternal happiness with his family as promised? Well, no, the script described an even crazier sequel. By choosing armed combat instead of nonviolent resistance, the gods condemned him to live forever as a moral message. Your punishment? Go through all the wars. And so, in a final scene similar to that of X-Mens Origins: Wolverine (2009) we saw him in the Crusades, in the First and Second World War, in the Vietnam War and, finally, in the Pentagon itself. asking “And what happened to the script?” Russell Crowe must have been left behind because, as Cave revealed in the same podcast, he gave a high and clear verdict: “I don’t like it.” Anyway, Ridley Scott read the script and even tried to find him a turn to get it going. “We tried,” the filmmaker told UGO in 2009 (according to The Guardian). “Russell didn’t want to let it go, obviously, because it worked well. And when I say that ‘it worked well’ I don’t mean that it would have been successful. But as a piece it worked. The story worked brilliantly. I believe that [Cave] enjoyed writing it. ”As expected, the studio rejected the idea as being“ far-fetched ”and not“ in keeping with the spirit and theme of the original film ”(Wikipedia). The truth is that when reading the different chapters of this version never made of Gladiator 2 it was very easy for me to imagine Maximo in all these warrior facets. And, emulating Comfortable, I’d give you a thumbs up if Nick Cave ever decides to make it into a graphic novel, right? I would at least read it! More stories that may interest you: