Mayor Of Guayanilla Threatened With Death | Law

GUAYANILLA – Police are investigating a death threat against Mayor Nelson Torres Yordán, which arose after the controversy of the 100 lockers donated by the Ricky Martin Foundation, and those that were given to municipal employees and their families.

The complaint was filed at noon today by Edgar Aviles, commissioner of the Municipal Police, noting that on Facebook a woman allegedly wrote that she was about to fly to Puerto Rico to kill the mayor, which he referred to by profanity.


According to the complaint, on the Facebook page, the woman believed to be residing in the United States wrote, among other things, “the City Hall is too big for you”.

Torres Yordán admitted that the 100 lockers donated for the earthquake refugees to attend the Ricky Martin concert were delivered to municipal employees and their families. The mayor told different media that the refugees said they did not want to go to the concert.

The threat was referred to the Homicide Division of the CIC of Ponce.