Mayors Association Attorney Accepts Error Regarding Donald Trump In a Lawsuit

The lawyer of the Association of Mayors, Jorge Martínez, admitted today his mistake in a reference to US President Donald Trump and that he was scolded by federal judge Gustavo Gelpí.

The word "honorable" in reference to Trump was in the head of the motion Martinez submitted to be allowed to enter as a friend of the court in the lawsuit against the prohibition of cockfighting in Puerto Rico.

"Inserting ironic quotes in a brief heading when referring to the official title of the President of the United States (" Hon. ") Constitutes an improper action by the Association. A court of justice is not a place to mock, ridicule or attack politically to the president, "Gelpí said, setting October 18 as the deadline to submit a" corrected version "of the motion.


In a press release, Martínez acknowledged that it was a mistake and said that the corrected document will be delivered to the federal court within the time limit imposed.

However, Martínez did not explain why the quotes were placed. He only indicated that it was a “clerical error”.

"Certainly having put quotation marks on the word" honorable "when referring to President Donald Trump was a mistake. The document will be corrected and delivered to the Court within the indicated term, ”said the lawyer in written statements.

“Obviously there was no intention to insult or affect anyone. The history of the Association of Mayors of Puerto Rico with respect to the different instances of the government shows that its behavior has always been respectful. The important thing now is to defend the right of Puerto Ricans to practice their ancestral sport of great economic and cultural value, ”he added.

The Association seeks to join as a friend of the court the lawsuit filed on May 22, 2019 by the Gallic Club of Puerto Rico in Isla Verde and the Cultural and Sports Association of the Gallo Fino de Pelea.

The lawsuit requests that Section 12616 of the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018 be declared unconstitutional, which will prohibit cockfights as of December 20, 2019.



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