McDonald’s Selling Big Mac’s For 1 Cent Until October 4 – Noticias Ya

(NEWS NOW) .- McDonald’s announced Monday that He is selling his famous Big Mac hamburger for just a penny this week.

It is real. If you love Big Mac, Order it for a penny and you will automatically be participating to win $ 1 million.

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According to the Thrillist website, McDonald’s and DoorDash announced that they joined together to deliver Big Macs for just a penny across the country, from September 30 until the whole week until October 4.

The agreement is DoorDash's biggest “gift” to date, with a million Big Macs of a penny at stake, According to a spokesman for the company.

“By thinking about how we could celebrate the McDelivery national deployment through DoorDash, we knew we had to be BIG. We are very excited to offer 1 million of our clients a 1 cent Big Mac and the opportunity to earn $ 1M dollars, ” said Vice President of Business Development Toby Espinosa at DoorDash.

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How to get this offer?

  1. Order the iconic sandwich Big mac of McDonald’s.
  2. Use the code 1MBIGMAC.

Citing the news media, it is important to keep in mind:

There is no minimum order. But you will have to pay the additional service fees that accompany the delivery order through DoorDash.

Only one gift code is assigned per person. So the odds of taking home a million dollars are not that great, depending on how many people buy Big Macs through DoorDash this week.

Not all McDonald’s have a partnership with DoorDash. But more than 9,300 of them have it.

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