Medellin, Subtitle And Cup Quota

Not even the rain, which accompanied the final of the Women's League last night at Atanasio Girardot, overshadowed the spectacle provided by the players who left their souls on the court, in a demonstration of sports ardentia.


Medellin won the game 2-1, but the result was not enough to overcome the series that ended 3-2 and it was America who lifted the cup after 90 minutes of intense play, thanks to the victory he had achieved in the Pascual Guerrero 2-0 in the first leg.

The Vallecaucano team, with its strategy, knew how to defend the advantage and although in most of the time it was submitted by the local team, it became the third champion of the contest after Santa Fe (2017) and Huila (2018).

The archer Nathalia Giraldothe captain Catalina Usmethe midfielder Carolina Pineda and the attacker Linda Caicedo formed a spine that, well oriented by the Antioquia technician Andres Usme, took forward a campaign of 8 wins, 2 draws and 2 losses, identical to that of the DIM, but with the slight advantage of a goal in the final series of the championship, in which 20 casts participated.

The both of Linda Caicedo, the youngest of the tournament with 14 years, was an accurate coup of America that at 20 minutes took advantage of a blink of the rear and silenced the 28,263 fans in the Athanasian stands.

However, the paisa team did not lower their arms and found the tie four minutes later with Laura Aguirre, penalty, after a foul on Velasquez native which was the most prominent in the initial stage of the meeting.

In the first period the DIM had the ball 75% of the time, but lacked efficiency to define (as it happened in Cali), apart from the good performance of the visiting goalkeeper Nathalia Giraldo.

The set that guides Carlos Paniagua deserved more, as it happened in the complementary stage when, under a torrential downpour, he found the 2-1 with a long distance shot of Paula Botero, who had entered after the break.

At 21 minutes from the end, that goal gave the Mighty second air that never gave up. Only that the goalkeeper Giraldo was at her best night and prevented a better outcome for the home that had to resign themselves with the runner-up and the qualification to the Copa Libertadores.

The debut of the DIM in the Women's League, in alliance with Intimate Forms, proved positive. Now the international showcase awaits you to continue contributing to the growth of this sport.

Synthesis of the match


Technician: Carlos Paniagua.
Players: Sandra Sepúlveda; Geraldine Cardona (Katerine García, 67 ’), Daniela Arias, Manuela Vanegas, Laura Aguirre (Paula Botero, 46’); Tatiana Castañeda, Sara Sofía Martínez, Melissa Rivas, Diana Ospina, Oriánica Velásquez (Gissela Cuesta, 56 ’), Maireth Pérez.
Goals: Laura Aguirre (penalty, 24 ’), Paula Botero (69’).
Expelled: none.


Technician: Andrés Usme
Players: Nathalia Giraldo; Kelly Ibargüen, Rossy Caicedo, Kelly Caicedo, Alejandra Ararat; Carolina Pineda, Farlyn Caicedo, Catalina Usme, Gisela Robledo, Daniela Henao and Linda Caicedo (Adriana López, 88 ’).
Goal: Linda Caicedo (20 ’).
Expelled: none.
Match figure: Linda Caicedo.
Global series: 3-2 for America.

Stadium: Athanasius Girardot. / Referee: Jenny Arias (Bogotá). / Arbitrators: Mary Blanco (Boyacá) and Luzmila González (Santander). / Assists: 28,263 people.