Media Projections Give Victory To Joe Biden In Nevada

Washington – President-elect Joe Biden also prevailed in the state of Nevada, expanding his margin in the electoral college and confirming the growing Democratic weight in the southwestern states of the country.

According to the projections of the American televisions CNN, Fox News and NBC, Biden prevailed with 49.9% of the votes against 47.9% of his rival and current president, the Republican Donald Trump with 90% of the votes counted.

Nevada casts six votes in the electoral college, and Biden had previously been projected as the winner in Pennsylvania, which immediately gave him victory by surpassing the magic number of 270 voters.


The state had become one of the key states, and in 2016 Democratic hopeful Hillary Clinton prevailed by a narrow margin.

For this reason, the Republicans had marked it as one of the possible states that could fall back to the Republican side, however Biden managed to maintain the victory of four years ago.

Nevada, with 2.9 million inhabitants, has a large percentage of the Latino population, close to 30%.

With his triumph in Nevada, the Democratic candidate thus leads Trump by 290 delegates to 214 and by exceeding half of the 538 votes of the Electoral College plus one he is the new president-elect of the United States, according to the projections of the main media



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