Medical Practice: The Plastic Surgeon

Plastic surgery is a specialty of medicine that is responsible for reconstructing those areas that have been affected by an external factor

Plastic surgery, a specialty that can give the patient a light of hope.

The plastic surgeon is the specialist who is responsible for intervening those anomalies that a patient may present from birth and that limit the normal functions of the body, also, he is responsible for reconstructing those parts of the body that have been affected by an accident or burn.


To become a plastic surgeon, the family doctor had to have approved his undergraduate degree and later qualify for this specialty, which has 5 to 6 years of study, in turn there are subspecialties in which the specialist can emphasize to focus in certain procedures.

What does the plastic surgeon do?

The doctor who has chosen this specialty is in charge at first of helping the patient to improve their appearance, since many times they tend to resort to this specialty more for a beauty issue.

On the other hand, reconstructive surgeries are not a matter of choice, many of these interventions are performed to improve an area that has been affected by a certain chronic pathology, an accident or a congenital malformation that may affect the patient.

It may be that both interventions and types of surgeries can improve the quality of life of the patient and his perception, however, everything depends on the self-esteem of the same and the objectives that he sought, to which the plastic surgeon is subject.

The career of the plastic surgeon

The career of a doctor who specializes in plastic surgery is very interesting because most people consider this field as an art, also the preparation time that tends to be between 5 to 6 semesters and the study plan that you must have in account according to each of the universities that has this branch of medicine.

The specialist must have a multifaceted study because in one of the surgeries that he is going to perform, he must bear in mind that each of the areas is different with respect to the content of blood vessels, type of incision and the implements to be used, as well as the support staff to be available.

Importance of plastic surgery

This specialist allows the patient to benefit from two very important areas and it is both physical and psychological, since in most cases the plastic surgeon is able to change or improve that aspect that the patient considers weak, which drastically improves their self-esteem and self-perception.

In addition, when the quality of life of a patient who has suffered an accident, who has undergone surgery for a certain disease and has had physical sequelae, is not an aesthetic issue, it can give him back the life he used to have before that event he wants to forget.

These specialists make a very important call to the entire population that wants to undergo an aesthetic procedure and it is that they must go to a qualified specialist who has all the safety regulations because many times these interventions can create happiness and joy but also misfortunes and the origin of pathologies when certain protocols are not followed and quality products are not used.