Medicine, Nursing And Pharmacy: The Vertices Of Vaccination

Given the possibility of a second wave of
Covid-19 next fall, experts insist on the need to avoid
to match a new peak with seasonal flu. Vaccination
in this sense it stands as the ‘holy grail’.

For this, it is essential that all agents of the
health sector, from its scope, contribute to the maximum in this
objective. Also the professionals of the community pharmacy, in
first line in patient care.

Increase coverage of influenza vaccination this year,
Professionals say, it is an obligation, more than a necessity. How
achieve 80 percent coverage? The common effort and a
alliance between professions is the answer.


Medicine, nursing and pharmacy are the three professions that can lead and redirect this scenario.

Primary care is the great cornerstone. The first level
healthcare, along with the other specialties, supported by the infirmary are
convinced of the work that must be done to achieve these objectives.

In addition, Amós García, president of the Spanish Association of Vaccines, assures this publication that it is important to take advantage of other health resources, such as the community pharmacy, so that it recommends the need for influenza vaccination. “The pharmacy should act as an element to spread the message of vaccination at a time like this, a positive speech. That they act as health educators and reinforce the message to the people who go to the pharmacy that they have to be vaccinated if they have not done so, ”he says.

This greater prominence of
pharmacies in vaccination strategies is also clearly supported in
Spain by the representatives of medical entities and the political sphere.

Now more than ever our country needs that alliance that can reign in the new health normality.