MediMas, An Innovative Health Program At Vivian Pellas Hospital

Medical consultations of the highest quality, a network of medical specialists serving members, discounts and much more contains the innovative MediMas Affiliation Program of the Vivian Pellas Hospital.

It is a health program, through which medical consultations are offered with a network of highly trained specialists, for only five dollars, said Amalia Aguilar, supervisor of MediMas, the program that covers various specialties: internal medicine, cardiology, dentistry, gynecology, general medicine and pediatrics, among others.


MediMas is an excellent alternative to access high-level and accessible medical care.

Dr. Krizia Vega, a MediMas doctor, said that through the program they treat both viral and chronic diseases, including hypertension, diabetes, cholesterol complications or high triglycerides, among others.

The range of diseases that are treated is quite wide, "but we have a support network and if the patient needs to be assessed by the specialist, the consultation with them is immediately carried out to follow up the patient," he said.

Likewise, the patient is given the option of continuing the consultation with a subspecialist if necessary or following up with general medicine.

Aguilar said the Program allows members to access quality medical care, consultations, benefits and specialized diagnoses, for a fairly affordable price.


The MediMas Program offers significant discounts to its members up to:

  • 30% discount in pharmacy.
  • 79% in physiotherapy.
  • 85% in laboratory, imaging and cardiology.

How to join

Joining the MediMas program is very easy. The affiliation process is carried out through the website, where you must fill out the affiliation form with your personal data, both of the owner and the additional affiliates. You can also join by calling 22556900 – Ext. 8-6097.