Megan Rapinoe Explodes Again Against Donald Trump

Megan Rapinoe, great world star of women's football,
winner of the Golden Ball in 2019, he undertook it again against the president of
United States, Donald Trumpo.

The attacker, turned into a sports icon, social and
even political. In the front line of the struggle for people's rights
LGBT and equality between men and women, has had no qualms about
face your president Donald Trump.

Last year he launched against him: «His message excludes people. You exclude me, exclude people who look like me, exclude people of color, exclude Americans who may support you, ”after the World Cup.


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That fight was revived after Trump's war speech,
that has the world in suspense of a possible new war against Iran.

The president presumed the armament of his nation, after the
Assassination of Iranian General Qasem Soleimani, noting that his government has
spent two trillion dollars in armament to answer any

“Together with the equipment, we will also send our people. The majority will be young (but they definitely will not be your children), ”Rapinoe commented on his social networks, at the comment of the US president.

“Do you really understand what you are saying? Never brag about the Donald Trump war because it means there are Americans dying, ”added the Reign FC player.

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