Megan Rapinoe To Donald Trump: ‘Your Message Excludes People’

Washington (CNN) – The captain of the US women's soccer team, Megan Rapinoe, sent a message to President Donald Trump on Tuesday: she said that with her message she is excluding groups of Americans and that she should make a better effort to watch over each citizen.

When CNN's Anderson Cooper asked him what he would say to Trump, Rapinoe looked at the camera and said: “His message excludes people. You exclude me, exclude people who look like me, exclude people of color, exclude Americans who may support you. ”

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The two-time world champion added that "we must calculate" the implications of Trump's slogan, Make America Great Again, because "it goes back to an era that was not great for everyone … it may have been great for some people, and perhaps States United is great for some people right now, but it is not enough for enough Americans in this world, ”he said, still addressing his message to the president.

"You have an incredible responsibility as head of this country to take care of each person and you need to do better for everyone," Rapinoe added.

Rapinoe became famous for leading the unbeaten path of his team to win the World Cup on Sunday, for defending the lawsuit filed by 28 players of the US women's team. UU. that demand a salary similar to that of the men's team, and for declaring that he would not go "to the p *** White House" if the team won the World Cup. His comments are from January, but they were made public last month.

After making his statement known, Trump responded, suggesting that Rapinoe "should first WIN before speaking" and urging her to "finish the job."

In addressing his controversial comments, Rapinoe expressed regret for having cursed so much, but maintained his decision not to go to the White House.

"I would not go, and all the teammates with whom I have explicitly talked about it would not go," he said.

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"I don't think anyone on the team has an interest in providing the platform we have worked so hard for and the things we fight for and the way we live our lives … I don't think we want this to be co-opted or corrupted by this administration. , ”Rapinoe told Cooper.

He added that allowing the White House to "put us on display" would not "make any sense to us," adding that "there are so many other people I would rather talk to and have meaningful conversations that could really cause a change in Washington, rather than go to the White House. "

Rapinoe accepted the invitations she and the team have received from Democratic lawmakers, including Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez; the minority leader of the Senate, Chuck Schumer, and the president of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi. The footballer told Cooper that based on conversations with her teammates, "everyone is interested in going to Washington."

“This is a very special moment for us, and being able to take advantage of this moment and talk about the things we want to talk about and celebrate with the leaders of our country is an incredible moment,” said Rapinoe. “So yes to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, yes to Nancy Pelosi, yes to the bipartisan Congress, yes to Chuck Schumer… yes to any other person who wants to invite us and have a real substantive conversation, and that believes in the same things that we believe "



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