Meghan And Harry Already Have Substitutes In The British Monarchy

After the Megxit of the Sussex, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, Queen Elizabeth II has not wasted time. There are already two substitutes to replace the couple in all public events they had on the agenda.The monarchy is an institution that fills their schedules and agendas many months in advance. Each event has to be perfect and involves distributing the appearances and roles of each representative of the British crown well, after the sudden but studied goodbye to their real obligations of Meghan Markle and Harry, who already live in Canada away from the media show they have Mounted in the United Kingdom, Kate Middleton and Prince William could not assume all their commitments in events already scheduled. For this reason, Queen Elizabeth II and her advisors have had to place that high degree of trust in two young people who are expected , who have the desire and vocation to represent their family. According to the real biographer, Robert Lacey, the two substitutes have already been chosen. The historian says in 'Hello!' That the two people chosen are Beatriz and Eugenia de York: “It is quite clear that one of the consequences of Markle's departure and Harry is that Beatriz and Eugenia will be put in the foreground, if they are willing to do so. ”From Robert's statements during the interview it follows that the queen has thought about them but has not yet communicated to the These, in any case, will have to accept or decline such an important role in the monarchical structure and in the public image of the same. Beatriz and Eugenia de York have been chosen by the queen (Photo by Dinendra Haria / SOPA Images / LightRocket via Getty Images) More However, Lacey insists: "If two leave, two have to go in. And those two people have to be Beatriz and Eugenia." The truth is that, being Beatriz and Eugenia daughters of Prince Andrew, it's a very momentdelicate to officially appoint them representatives of the crown at the Sussex level due to the scandal of alleged sexual abuse that falls on him.But the royal biographer prefers to put aside the controversies about Prince Andrew and focus exclusively on the figure that Eugenia represents and Beatriz In addition, he states that: “I am sure that you will step forward and be welcomed with love. It is what the family needs considering that there are still 15 years left before Prince George can measure up. It is ironic that Harry mentioned his cousins ​​as role models ”and now they will replace him. The two big questions that arise are whether Beatriz and Eugenia have the necessary charisma for some more relaxed and close acts such as solidarity, with children etc. since Meghan and especially Harry have set the bar very high. I also wonder if the people will turn as much with them as they have always done with Lady Di's little son who, for the British, is the rebellious incarnation and Natural of his mother. More stories that may interest you Harry and Meghan to the press in Canada: "Enough harassment or demand" Meghan's father: "I'd love to see you again" Meghan and Harry shot them in the butt