Meghan Trainor Recalls Her Fight Against Panic Attacks

Although in recent times he has not ceased to exhibit the happiness that his idyllic marriage with actor Daryl Sabara offers him and, also, his return to the record scene with his new album ‘Treat Myself’, the truth is that the singer Meghan Trainor He has had no qualms about diving for a moment in the depths of his most recent past to rescue some of the most dramatic episodes he has had to overcome. More specifically, the pop star has wanted to refer to the two operations in the vocal cords to which he had to submit, first in 2015 and then in 2017, to put into context the panic attacks that he began to develop later and fearing that his artistic career could have inevitably come to an end. “He was work ing very hard, but I couldn’t do anything but cancel concerts because my throat didn’t respond. And one day I realized that if I couldn’t sing I couldn’t work either and therefore and that I was losing my life, “the interpreter of ‘All About That Bass’ in conversation with People magazine has been sincere.” And from there began to arrive the nights without sleep, panic attacks and extreme anxiety. I ended up in the emergency room a couple of times because my throat came to close because of an allergic reaction. But the doctor told me: ‘This is a full-fledged panic attack’, “he added in the same interview. Since then, and regardless of whether he is fully recovered from his voice problems, the interpreter has not stopped working very hard in the field of mental health to avoid the arrival of more outbreaks, which were also motivated by the chemical imbalance derived from the emotional impact suffered. “My doctors ended up diagnosing me with a panic disorder. They told me that my chemicals were unbalanced and that they had to make sure they returned to normal. Later, I started doing therapy, I took some medicines, tried acupuncture and also started exercising regularly. I have not had an anxiety attack for two years, I think I have finally conquered my fears, “she said proudly.