Mel Gibson Reveals Details Of The Terrifying Ritual Of Hollywood Stars

The American actor and producer gave an interview in which he said that one of the most common ceremonies is drinking baby blood.

Mel Gibson It sparked controversy by revealing some chilling details of the rituals that some Hollywood celebrities perform to achieve success and make their careers stand out within the film industry.


Renowned American actor and producer gave an interview to the site, in which he told one of the most controversial secrets in the world of cinema and that has caused great outrage among Internet users, who disapprove of performing this type of ritual.

According to the artist, many of the Hollywood celebrities are “drenched in the blood of innocent children,” adding that one of the most common rituals in the industry is to consume baby blood, which they see as an activity like any other.

Mel Gibson I go on to say that the world’s largest film empire represents “an enemy to humanity continually acting against the best interests.”

When asked why he was revealing what might be one of the industry’s most controversial secrets, Mel He noted that he was not afraid of retaliation that might exist against him since several members of the terrifying cult have already died.

In closing, he pointed out that he was able to learn about these atrocities through his own experience: during the year 2000, he received an invitation to join the sect, which he considers to be an enemy to humanity because they act incorrectly for their own interests. regardless of the damage they do to other people.