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Melania Trump turns 50 next Sunday, the 26th, as a discreet, strong and hieratic woman, although kind and warm in her ways. Far from being a vase woman, this Slovakian living in the United States, today first lady, offers an image of stability in times of crisis.

Let no one think of underestimating Melania Trump (1970, Novo Mesto, Slovenia), “she has a powerful influence” on her husband Donald Trump, “both politically and in the way he manages his staff” , wrote CNN journalist Kate Bennett in her book “Free, Melania: The Unauthorized Biography”.

Those who have treated her say that she is “kind and warm”, a woman of “character”, a gift that she has demonstrated in public. Just remember the phrase she said in 2018 – “I am a mother and first lady, so I have much more important things to think about” – when asked about her husband’s alleged extramarital affairs.


“I am very strong and I know what my priorities are,” said Melania Trump, who questioned whether her marriage is in crisis, as some media outlets have pointed out for months, was blunt in her denial and asserted that they are only “gossip” from the press.

Since becoming first lady, Melania has been the antithesis of her husband in terms of her personality and relations with the press, since she prefers to be discreet and calm and avoid conflicts and controversy. He has only been angry in public to defend the privacy of his son, Barron, a 14-year-old teenager.

Married to Donald Trump for fifteen years, she has stayed away from the front line focus of her husband’s business, a piece of land that Ivanka, daughter of President Trump’s first marriage, has occupied.

As Bennett maintains in her book, Melania feels relegated to the background and that tension was reflected when the first lady wore a Zara trench coat with the controversial message “I really don’t care, do u?” (I really don’t care, (and) you?) during a visit to the Mexican border in June 2018.

Before being a model and leading a life of luxury, Melania Knauss lived in a modest apartment in a block of flats with her family in the town of Sevnica. She is the daughter of Viktor Knavs, who works in a car dealership, and of Amalija, in a textile factory.

Melania Trump, reserved with her private life

Her dream of being a model came true when photographer Stane Jerko noticed her in 1987. He debuted in Milan and Paris, an opportunity that he also took advantage of to study languages. In 1996 he moved to New York.

Although she is very careful and reserved with her private life, she is known to have met her husband, Donald Trump, at a New York Fashion Week party in 1998. She fell in love with Trump for “his incredible mind, intelligence and his great energy, “Melania explained in an interview for the MSNBC channel.

From that moment on, she retired from the catwalks, although she starred in somewhat scandalous photographic reports, such as the one published in the British edition of GQ in which she appeared nude.

After almost seven years of dating, the couple married in Palm Springs (Florida) on January 22, 2005. “We are both very independent. I let him be who he is and he lets me be who I am. I am not trying to change him, he is an adult. He knows the consequences. I give him my opinion many, many times, “he explained in 2016 in an interview with CNN.

Months later, pregnant, she posed for Annie Leibovitch in underwear on the steps of her husband’s private jet, who appeared on the runway behind the wheel of a luxurious sports car. Gone is that image of a successful model that grabbed covers in prestigious fashion magazines such as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Vanity Fair.

Melania Trump -24 years younger than her husband-, has not been the first lady of the United States who has been a model, since Pat Nixon and Betty Ford were also.

The wife of the Republican President has made a difference with a very defined style since her arrival in politics, a refined and personal stamp that is not forgotten even in times of coronavirus.

True to his heels and luxury designs, his wardrobe has been analyzed with a magnifying glass, many of them praised and others have generated controversy.

In the world of politics, the choice of clothing is no accident. “The designs and colors play a very important role, send messages and make diplomatic winks at important moments,” Miguel del Amo, expert in Social Protocol and RedScreen etiquette, told EFE.

Proof of this are the pristine styling that Melania has shown on her social networks during the coronavirus pandemic, tones and ensembles that convey tranquility.

The first lady has also called for hope in these complicated moments wearing a green shirt dress for the traditional reading of the children’s story of Easter, which is celebrated every year at the White House. EFE



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