Melania Trump Praises Women In 12 Countries For Their Courage

WASHINGTON (AP) – Melania Trump established parallels on Wednesday between her child welfare initiative and a group of women from Bolivia, Nicaragua and other parts of the world whom the US State Department recognized for acts of value in their countries.

Although the “Be Best” initiative was created for children, the first lady said the program “matches the achievements of women who share the stage with me.”


“Without positive support, guidance and well-being, which are some of the things that today’s children need, they will not enter adulthood with the empathy and strength necessary to help others as selflessly as the women they are today. here, ”said Mrs. Trump at the annual ceremony at the State Department.

In addition to Bolivia and Nicaragua, women from Afghanistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Burkina Faso, an autonomous prefecture of China, Malaysia, Pakistan, Syria, Yemen and Zimbabwe received the 2020 International Women of Courage Award from Secretary of State Mike Pompeo

One of the winners was a prisoner in Syria and now helps the families of Syrian victims of enforced disappearance. Another is the mayor of Maidan Shar, a town in the conservative Afghan province of Wardak, who has faced death threats and mobs from angry men. Other winners are journalists and human rights activists.

Melania Trump said it is her fourth time attending the ceremony. She said she is inspired by the personal stories of each of the women present, who, she said, often face risks in helping others.

“These are the faces of true heroism,” he said.

International Women’s Day is Sunday.


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