Melilla Studies Requesting The State Of Alarm Before The Increase In Cases Of COVID-19

The Government of the Autonomous City of Melilla, at the request of the Minister of Social Policies, Mohamed Mohamed Mohand, will study requesting the declaration of a state of alarm in the city not for the purpose of confinement, but “as a legal umbrella” to adopt measures to control the transmission of COVID-19 due to the increase in cases.

At a press conference, the counselor said that the epidemiological situation in Melilla is “really worrying and complex” because in fifteen days it has gone from being the Spanish region with the “best behavior in the transmission of the virus, to being above the national average in terms of cumulative incidence per one hundred thousand inhabitants “.


Mohamed Mohand has specified that 25 new cases have been incorporated this Friday, bringing the figure to 362 active cases of coronavirus, of which 14 remain hospitalized, two of them in the ICU.

As explained, the 362 positive cases are distributed in 44% in women and 56% in men, and in the 15 to 29 age range 35% of positives are located, which represents 136 of the total assets. In the 15 to 39 age group, 50% of active cases would be located and between 15 to 59, 75 percent of the cases, says the counselor, who indicates that people who are hospitalized or in ICU are in the range between 60 and 84 years.

Mohand explained that there are three outbreaks of greatest concern: that of the prison with 8 cases, that of the Higher Police Headquarters with 18 assets and 63 contacts, and especially that of the Center for the Temporary Stay of Immigrants (CETI), with 57 positives and 317 contacts.

He added that there are 15 outbreaks in the city that bring together 183 positive cases and 1,030 direct contacts that have occurred, generally, in the family environment through community transmission, and that the origin is in the reopening of the maritime and air communications.

The counselor has stated that, as the current situation has been complicated, “strong and proportionate measures are required that should be aimed at reducing mobility in the territory of Melilla and limiting the gathering of people in public and private spaces.”

He has specified that previously the city “has to request the declaration of the state of alarm in Melilla, not as a confinement measure, but as a legal umbrella that allows the health authority to implement the appropriate measures to control the transmission of the virus.”

This proposal has been transferred to the President of the City, Eduardo de Castro, and will have to be debated in the Governing Council and in the COVID-19 Monitoring Commission, and although there is no date for these calls, it will be ” as soon as possible”.



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