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It is not necessary to have the housing magnitude of a large city, a province or even the entire country. In Tandil, the 2019 elections brought endless resources that were being used in other places and the community became fashionable.

For the present elections, the two forces that have the greatest power of dispute worked hard on social networks. Both Together for Change and the Front of All developed digital strategies seeking swallow voters, as they say in political communication jargon, but also, to reinforce identity for their own.

The Lunghista campaign had a before and after the Primary. Perhaps because the result forced a rethinking by the consultants who develop communication from the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires. But the truth is that the Mayor and his team turned to the street and the construction site to show the work management. On that train, the mayor's profile on Facebook and Instagram was filled with videos, literally.


Although the law prohibits conducting an election campaign with public works, the Mayor has managed to circumvent the specific aspects of the regulations to be accompanied by all its officials in the different places traveled. This has been seen posing in the controversial work of the heated pools of the CEF 42, in the H Branch, in the Centinela, in the House of the Bicentennial of Actis Avenue, also in the stairways of Quintana Street or in the different commercial arteries of the city.

“Walking, moving forward, traveling, learning, accompanying, listening, conversing, looking into each other's eyes, close, sharing, our history, our dreams, our proposals, a future, for all, neighborhood by neighborhood, street by street, there are plenty of reasons ”, Says one of the last campaign spots where the mayor is seen along with candidates and collaborators traveling through different points of Tandil.

A data not less. The Lunghista campaign advisers made the whole management team understand the concept of viralization. Thus, every time there is a new piece of communication (plaque with phrases, video, announcement flyer), all officials in unison share the content in their respective networks, replicating the official communication and thus achieving greater reach.

Meanwhile, from the Front of All, we worked on a communication campaign that never went beyond what was established, both in the PASO and in the general ones, achieving attractive pieces of communication that were replicated by the followers.

The campaign spots, the videos on Facebook and Instagram and the way of communicating daily activities, became a fundamental piece of the Front of All, showing all the time to its candidate, Rogelio Iparraguirre.

The audiovisual work carried out by the communication team of the Frente de Todos was constant and the spots of Iparraguirre touring neighborhoods or jogging in the Sierras or with neighbors who ask for the vote of the community, achieved a good balance of short content and good production .

Memes and viral videos

The ingenuity was the order of the day. And, nobility obliges, it was the followers of the Front of All who were most active at the local level in this area. It is worth clarifying the local issue, since in other orders, provincial or national, the communication campaigns of the different spaces also contemplated these tools.

They are not the traditional nor generate a direct vote-voter relationship, but yes, according to various studies, they serve to penetrate messages at certain times during the campaign. It has been seen with Donald Trump in the United States, with Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil or even in 2015 with what was the arrival of Mauricio Macri to power. Synergy with social networks and messaging services achieve more than thought.

The term meme is used to describe an idea, concept, situation, expression or thought, manifested in any type of virtual media, comic, video, audio, texts, images and all types of multimedia construction, which is replicated through the Internet from person to person until reaching a wide diffusion.

For example, there are several global flagship cases that were used locally. In the meme used based on the song by Canadian artist Drake’s entitled “Hotline Bling”, Lunghi and Macri can be seen in the “No” option and Iparraguirre and Fernández in the “Yes” option. Or the famous cat at a dinner with two friends, and the phrase "You told me Lunghi had won" and the cat that answers "The intern". Or the same institutional campaign flyer of Together for Change that says "There are plenty of reasons", changed to the phrase "There are more mandates."

In terms of video they have not been left behind either. Recently they were responsible for spreading the failed of Mayor Lunghi when he wanted to withdraw early from the Eco TV studio while participating in "Tandil Wake Up". Another titled one also circulated: “What is the Fabian question?” Where the candidate for the official school counselor, Fabian Riva, is seen not finishing conceptualizing the question to the candidate of the Front of All. They also made use of videos like the one that was seen before the STEP of Axel Kicillof edited by a Buenos Aires artist from a scene of the movie “500 days with Summer”, in this case, Iparraguirre put himself in the shoes of Rocky Balboa, when He runs through the streets of Philadelphia for a run and is recognized by everyone.

There is also a Facebook page "The other Tandil", which despite the attempts to certify the property, does not comply with the assembly of the Front of All at the local level, but is dedicated to show all the problems of the city.

Recently, in dialogue with El Eco Multimedia, the second candidate for Together for Change, Marideé Condino, said that this type of communication is "aggressive" and touches "the lack of respect" to the community leader.

Trolls to order

At the beginning of last year, a full report pointed out that the “armies” of trolls and bots in social networks work in the virtual world, but are mounted on a human structure. They involve investment, hiring of personnel and acquisition of programs and false accounts, many times abroad.

A ´trol´ is a person with an unknown identity that posts provocative, irrelevant or out of topic messages in an online community, such as a discussion forum, chat room, blog comments, or similar, with the main intention of disturb or provoke a negative emotional response in users and readers. While a 'bot' is a computer program that automatically performs repetitive tasks over the Internet, whose realization by a person would be impossible or very tedious.

Campaign teams have learned that they somehow need both to "populate" social networks and informational comment portals. Now, Tandil is a city with a special seasoning, the number of inhabitants still leaves open the possibility of knowing if the person making a comment is real or not.

There are many, thousands of real users, who use social networks in the city every day to comment on the different electoral publications that are made, of the different candidates and of the digital portals.

But there are also many others that can be defined as trolls locally. This medium, in its digital version, has identified dozens of them that have proliferated comments for years on the website of El Eco and on the official pages of social networks (Facebook, Twitter). Of all of them there is a common denominator: publication schedules. Between 8 and 16 hours are its most active moments, which presumes, then, that these are people who use their work schedule to carry out the action.



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